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  Site last updated: Saturday 24th June 2006


This is Scarfwearer's place, a site for Whovians. I've been a Doctor Who fan for most of my life, and I've been building props for my own amusement for a few years now, and would like to share the how-tos and results with anyone interested. 
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What's new
There's a new forum for TARDIS building: The TARDIS Builders Forum.

Other Doctor Who sites
The official BBC site
Doctor Who Image Archive

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Doctor Who Web Guide

The TARDIS Library

Dalek City

Dalek 6388
Outpost Gallifrey
Many of the images from the show on this site are from the Image Archive listed above.

I can be reached at:

(you'll have to type this in, as I don't wish to get spammed by robots...).

Why build props?
Partly for the challenge, but partly because it tweaks our notion of what is real. When faced with something very tangible that looks real but isn't, it can't but help you to look in a more discerning way at other things that may look real that aren't. And the more you look, the more you find...

The Guilds   
The TARDIS Builders' Forum
The TARDIS Rebuilders

The TARDIS Builder's Guild

The Doctor Who Prop Builder's Club
If you're interested in Doctor Who prop building and you haven't visited the Guilds, do so! They're a mine of valuable info.
You can also join the dalek clubs/guilds, though they're now unfortunately not readable unless you join up.
The Dalek Builder's Guild
The Project Dalek Forum