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I've noticed that there are very few sources of information about the dimensions of the various TARDIS consoles. Those that exist are either published in books that are out of print or not widely distributed or in magazines, long since unavailable.

In the interest of not violating the copyrights on these works, I've studied screenshots of the various consoles and made approximations to the dimensions of the various console structures. Note that all the dimensions I list are approximate and thus almost certainly don't match the actual props.

Presently, all the plans on this page are a work in progress - do look for yourself and come to a judgment about their accuracy before using them for a big build.

There are several structurally different versions of the prop (you can click on the diagrams below for a larger version):

The Mk I, which was used in seasons 1-7,and was essentially unchanged during that time.
The Mk II, which was a rebuild to largely the same dimensions and used in Seasons 8-13. The instrumentation differed, and the plinth structure was simplified.
The Mk III was the small wooden console used in Season 14.
The Mk IV was really just a refit of the Mk II, with the panel edge covers removed and the instruments changed again. It was used in seasons 15-20 with a mechanical refit in season 19.
The Mk V was the 5 Doctors console, which was a rebuild in fibreglass, though of the same overall diameter. It was used in seasons 21-26.

As far as I am aware, the only console prop that still exists is the 5 Doctors console, which has both the screen used version and also a rehearsal prop made from the same moulds.

The console that I built was made earlier, and to a different set of estimates based on less information, so differs from the above somewhat.