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Saturday 24th June 2006 Added a page for console plans
Saturday 15th October 2005 Added several pages covering the creation of contoured roundels for the console room by vacuum forming.
Sunday 28th August 2005 Added two new pages on the re-dress of the police box. One on dirtying the windows and one on weathering the paintwork. Also added a new section for a metal-clad K9 build, including a page on the head cladding.
Wednesday 27th July 2005 As part of a series of ongoing upgrades, I've restacked the roof of the police box.
Friday 15th July 2005 Added a few more pictures on the Stereo images page. Also added a page for the new phone box panel.
Sunday 26th June 2005 Lots of new photos in every area. I haven't updated the site map yet, though.
Wednesday 15th December 2004 Built a new visual site map, using iconic forms of all the pages. Also put links to parts of this on each of the shared headers.
Thursday 9th December 2004 Added new pages for Dalek Dirk, including Skirt, Shoulders and Dome.

Nearly every page has larger pictures available by clicking on the image.

Fixes made for differences between Internet Explorer and Mozilla rendering of HTML.

More cosmetic work

Saturday 6th November 2004 Added the ScarfMod dalek voice modifier
Monday 1st November 2004 More cosmetic fixes, added More Consoles and Fun Stuff. Also added a downloads page.
Thursday 28th October 2004 Cosmetic fixes.
Monday 14th June 2004 Added photos to Control Panels and Frames and Time Rotor and The Software.

Put a PDF of the "police box" sign on Door Arches and a PDF of the "police telephone" sign on Doors

Added a couple of short videos in THE CONSOLE ROOM.

Wednesday 9th June 2004 Added photos to Roundel Panels and Ceiling.
Tuesday 8th June 2004 Added photos to The Plinth, Time Rotor and improved photo from above on Control Panels. Added an email link to Relative Dimensions.
Sunday 6th June 2004 Fixed some broken internal links in the headers. Also fixed some minor layout issues.
Thursday 3rd June 2004 Site Created - sections present for Console Room, Console, Police Box and Dalek.