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The window holes were cut with a jigsaw (before the MDF decorations were applied), and were cut larger than indicated to allow for window mounting. The backs of the windows were not beveled as much as the fronts, to allow me to slip the glass in from behind.

The glass was made from fluorescent lighting diffusers of the type seen in office ceilings. These come in 2 x 4 sheets and I cut them to size with the table saw.

 The cross pieces were made with beading with a x 3/16 cross section.

I cut the beading to the indicated lengths and then used the table saw set to  3/32nd height to cut notches at each cross point on the beading in a lattice pattern. At 3/32nd height, you can move the beading sideways across the blade to make a wide notch. If it were much deeper I would have needed a router or dado blade. This way the beading lies flat in front of the glass. The beading was glued into the window frames and held steady with clamps. I would assume that the original police boxes used a thick iron frame for strength, as they had to restrain an apprehended criminal at times.

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