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Having learned more about how real police boxes look I've decided that the season 18 style roof is really rather flat, so after a service life of nearly six years, I've decided to raise the roof on my box. 

Rather than alter the roof I built before, I've built a whole new roof. Here's the story of the old one, and following it is the story of the new one...


My Box with raised roof

The roof base is a sheet of MDO cut to 40 square. I cut a square notch in 4 pieces of 2x4 which I had trimmed to 2 by 1 by 42. I mitred the corners and joined these together with glue and screws.

I built a 6 tall by 8 square box from plywood and small pieces to support the sloping walls and the light. Two pieces of MDF glued together, with a round hole in one for the light fitting and then trimmed to 8 square made the base of the beacon. The sloping roof was made by cutting MDO to the correct shape (a trapezoid 40 at the bottom, 8 at the top with a height of 16.28), and then sloping the edges with an angled table saw cut so that they meet with a glueable surface.

The sloping edges sat on an indent (also trimmed with the table saw from a 2x4), which looks like this:

Much of the joining here is done with glue, as the roof is not really structural (unless you intend to climb on it, Adric style).

I ended up cutting a hole in the bottom of the box to fit a light to the interior of the box as well.

The beacon on the top is a jelly-jar light fitting. These are about $10-15 in the US and still used. I put a light fitting in it which is controlled through X10 so it will flash on command. For the rain hat above the light I cut an 8" square of bathroom board, and sat it on four sections of 1/2" brass rod spray-painted black. The rods have an 8" bolt going through each, which reaches down into the base. They're not actually screwed in place, but hold up very well by themselves.

I wanted the new roof to be taller and more police-box like, so I came up with a drawing

The diagram on the left is the current roof - the one on the right the modified form.

The construction is pretty similar to the last roof, only this time I took some construction pictures:

I used a lot of wood filler to even up the construction lines, and then used wallboard mud and sanding to finish it off. The result is a lot smoother than the previous roof, though it didn't show much even before.

So here it is painted up, before during and after:

And here are a few other angles:

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