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The TARDIS is made of the following materials:

4’ x 8’ sheet of ½” CDX plywood
4’ by 8’ sheets of ½” MDO plywood (this is plywood with smooth paper/card bonded to the surfaces to give a flat grain-free matt finish)
4’ x 8’ sheets of ½” MDF hardboard (this is a fibreboard material). The sheets I’ve bought are actually ½” larger in the flat dimensions.
8’ x 2” x 4”  Standard and Better wall studs. Sizes are nominal, and they are actually 3 1/2 “ x 1 Ύ”.
2 x 8’ x 2” x 8” floor joists. (Again sizes are nominal)
1” x 5” clear VG fir. (actually Ύ” by 4”).
Ό round 11/16” radius molding.
Lots of wood glue.
3” #10 screws.
2 ½” #10 screws
Bolts and furniture fasteners for the walls
2’ x 4’ sheet of clear acrylic
A Jelly-jar light fitting.
An 8” x 8” piece of thin hardboard or plywood
A 36” piece of 3/8” metal tubing.
4 x 10” bolts, narrow enough to fit down the tubing
Finishing nails
Lots of spackling paste or wood filler to fill the screw holes.
½” x 1/8” flat moulding (for window mesh)
4 x 4” hinges for doors
Door catch and flush-mounted lock
Handle for the opening door
Handle for the “Pull to open” door.
Recessed bolts for top and bottom of the door that normally remains closed.
2 x 2’ x 4’ Fluorescent lighting diffusers
Paint. Primer and Blue Paint. Pick your favourite shade of blue! I used a couple of gallons of “Carbon Blue” which I picked up in Lumbermen’s. I needed two coats in Satin, which is as flat as they could do it.

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