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I had a couple of hours, so I made a start on the framework for the body. It's okay for it to be quite rough, as it will get clad in stiff metal sheet - it's not as if it it'll be a plug for a mould or anything.

I'm using more 1/4" plywood with applied wood chunks - some nice wood scraps, some just cut-down 2x4s.

I cut 1/4" notches for the side panels, so they won't stick out further than the legs do, as the wood for the legs will serve as the frame surface.

The body is formed from side panels. Not sure yet whether I'll make the right side removeable, though I'll still want it to appear so. I might have to adjust the frame to allow for that,
The back legs ended up being over-complicated. There's probably a better way to do this, but this is what I've done so far. The taper at the top is to allow the leg to be more vertical sideways than the body.
And this is it so far. I cut the back legs too short(!) so I'll either have to go back and remake them, or put some little blocks under them before I attach them to the base.

I'm sure the head looks too big... :-)

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